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Shuttle Service
You don't have a car? No problem!  I can drive you in Central Switzerland (Zugerberg, Rigi, Pilatus, Urmiberg, Engelberg, Niederbauen). This is a 40-70 min drive from Zurich depending on the flying site. Zurich and Switzerland offers really good public transportation possibilities. Check your train connections for a an easy traffic jam free approach to your paragliding adventure.  If you don`t have a car or a swiss reduction card (Swiss pass) I could provide you with a one way shuttle service from Zurich, Zug or Lucerne. I will bring you directly to the best flying site according to the weather conditions. 

Pick up locations:
Zurich pickup point Cost: 50 chf / person
Zug main station Cost: 40 chf / person 
Lucerne main station Cost: 30 chf / person. 

Please note that I cannot always guarantee the transport back to the original pickup point, however I could take you to the closest public transport connection after the paragliding experience.

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